Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Half a life and more

The scales have tipped. 17 years ago, right about this time of year, Steve and I began dating, at age 17. We thus celebrate over half our lives now spent together as a couple.

There are lots of awesome compliments I could pay Steve, regarding his being kind, intelligent, patient, and devoted; but the most important, to my mind, is that he's funny. So in this brief entry, I celebrate the Steve/Molly relationship (Stolly? Meve?) by a few Steve quotations that have become famous between us in the past 17 years:

(In the kitchen, using Frodo accent): "This is the tomato knife. You've seen it before."

(When asked what he saw in London's Tate Gallery): "Lots of pictures of people with spaniels."

(When taunting me about something): "I've got your goat! Admit it! I've got it!"
Me: (annoyed) "I don't HAVE a goat."
Steve: "That's because I TOOK IT."

(When our older child imitated the baby just lately): "No, you don't want to be like the baby. Look how dumb his pants are. They're yellow and white striped with integral feet. You wouldn't be caught dead in pants that dumb."

So in these sleep-deprived times, when we are not at our best (if I could think more clearly, I'd have a longer list of quotes), thank you especially much, my dear, for the occasional laugh. I love you! TEAM STOLLY.
Tags: funny, love

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