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Things bugging me about 'Eclipse'

It's been weeks since I finished reading Eclipse, but some things about it still bug me. First off, let's admit: the fact that I liked some of it. That just makes the annoying parts more annoying. Why couldn't it just all have been good instead of merely certain scenes? And for the record, the main part I think of as a good read was the strange love triangle on the mountain, the night Bella spent with both Edward and Jacob (in of course a totally non-sexual way), and the aftermath the next morning in the form of snogging Jacob for realsies.

However...blegh, it's such a mess. Edward annoyed me royally in early sections of the book, with his borderline abusive relationship behavior (having Bella more or less kidnapped; stalking her; glaring at her when she dared to see Jacob again...). But at least he recanted later, and I hated Bella for crying all over his shirtfront for seriously about 24 hours straight when she decided she couldn't see Jacob anymore. Dude! You don't do that to your boyfriend. You don't fall in love with anyone else, ideally, but if you do, you don't cry to your boyfriend about giving up Guy #2. It's horrible and cruel and selfish and unwise. Yes, teenagers do it, but it's still all of those things. So, that bugged me a good deal.

The other complaint that keeps returning to my mind is the dialogue. This is the kind of thing I wouldn't have noticed if I weren't a writer myself, but when the characters speak, they all sound pretty much alike. There are several monologues in this book, spots where one character or another goes off into their life story or the story of the Quileute werewolves or what have you, and gosh, they all sound 1) like each other, which is also 2) like Stephenie Meyer's narrative voice as Bella. We're lacking idiosyncrasies; there are no traces of personal turns of phrase and speech habits. Writers can get away with this (obviously), but the fiction is flatter for it.

In all, this series strikes me as the type of junk food you know isn't even all that yummy, but you keep eating it anyway. Like those sugar-free wafer cookies that come in pink, beige, and brown, and feel like styrofoam on the tongue.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in contrast, is like Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos. And sometimes it's as good as the best gourmet brownies you ever had. And, once in a while, it's a delicious full-course meal.

But maybe you prefer those wafer thingies. It's okay. To each her own taste.
Tags: books, buffy, twilight, writing

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