Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Needed: more comedy!

We've now finished season 5 of The Office on DVD, and thus must sit around impatiently until season 6 is done and out on DVD. (No, we don't have Tivo, nor is it realistic with yon small children for us to get episodes from online and sit around a computer watching. No, we don't have devices to transfer them from online to TV, as far as I know, nor the time to do it, so just never mind because this isn't the point.)

I want recommendations for another good comedy series to watch. No, a great comedy series. Hopefully without too much violence, but some sex and innuendo is fine since it goes right over the little ones' heads. (And honestly I think it does way less traumatic harm than viewing violence.) And I warn you, we have serious and perhaps unreasonable aversions to laugh tracks.

Incidentally, I normally read spoilers happily, sometimes even seek them out. But somehow I never saw the one about the big revelation at the end of s5 there (involving Jim/Pam). And I'm so glad, because it was a joyous surprise. And so well played, too. Glee!
Tags: the office, tv

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