Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Book cover and goofy memo

I got the cover art for my upcoming novel Summer Term:

Whew, it's not of the gleaming-torsos/"gimme back my shirt" variety! And it does look like a chick-flick DVD cover, so that conveys the mood pretty accurately. For what it's worth, I did sort of picture Robert Pattinson and Lauren Ambrose as the leads...

...but I understand how they weren't available to be cover models.

(Yes, it does annoy me that I find RPattz attractive and likable even though the Twilight series and fandom annoys me further the more I hear of it.)

What are some examples of book cover art you've loved? Or hated?


In totally "other" news, more evidence that my husband is funny...

At his place of work, they finally decided to throw out an old manual electric typewriter. A slew of facetious emails ensued upon this decision. This was his contribution, in the form of an official memo:

(No, he doesn't work for the European Space Agency. It's a different ESA.)
Tags: celebrity, funny, pictures, summer term, writing

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