Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Must-have music?

Let's have an open forum: name a musical group (or composer) you think everyone should hear. This can be a longtime love, a recent obsession, or a personal advertisement; whatever you wish. A little bit of description of what kind of music they make would be helpful too.

Then I, and others reading this, can rush out to our libraries and record stores, or at least the "listen to samples" features, and find some new tunes.

My own recommendations? Well, lately I'm working my slow way through the works of Rufus Wainwright (theatrical-style singer/songwriter), and I am enjoying that. Also have discovered Bell X1 (Irish pop) recently, and they've got some delightfully catchy stuff. And naturally I think everyone should look up The Cure and Pulp from the '80s and '90s if not every other era...
Tags: music

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