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At my godsend shop, knows perfume, I recently got a little card with three free samples from the perfumers at Infusion Organique. And, wonder of wonders, the scents are all lovely and wearable--and affordable and organic on top of that.

The three scents I tried and my reviews...

Buddha's Fig: Top notes: fig leaf, green nuances (including rose geranium and lemongrass); middle: hyacinth, iris, fig; bottom: woods, amber. To my nose, this is almost exactly like Diptyque's divine Philosykos--a green, fresh fig tree, not fruity or cloying at all. The main differences are that I detect more of an ocean-air feel in Buddha's Fig, and it's lighter on the whole, vanishing after a few hours. Philosykos lingers longer with its bottom cedar note, and I do love me some cedar. But the side of me that likes fresh, green scents still gives Buddha's Fig a thumbs up.

Indochine: Top notes: kumquat accord, pink grapefruit, sparkling peach, waterlily, dewberry, freesia; middle: kumquat accord, jasmine, muguet, rose, mimosa, orange flower; bottom: vanilla, precious woods, ylang-ylang, musk complex. I wouldn't have any idea what a kumquat smelled like, but my general impression of this scent is "citrusy and exotic," and despite all those flowers listed, more spicy than floral. In fact, it smelled a lot to me like Bigelow's Lemon Lift tea. Go figure! Pleasant, though.

Sands of Morocco: Top notes: tangy lemon zests; middle: delicate lily of the valley, sweet rose blossoms, ylang-ylang; bottom: creamy french vanilla, exotic musk, sensual sandalwood, warm oakmoss. Now, the side of me that likes warm, spicy scents adores this one. I'm wearing it today, and it's developing into a sexy, exciting, slightly mystical vanilla, saved from being over-sweet by the sandalwood and spice. And I do get a spice undercurrent, despite not seeing any actual spices in the list of notes. Delicious!

Well done, Infusion Organique. And thank you, knows perfume!