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"8 Things Twilight Has Ruined" article

This has been making the rounds, and at first I hesitated to post it because I do have several friends who adore Twilight, but...sorry, these things are too funny and too sadly true.

8 Things Twilight Has Ruined (Besides Vampires)

When I noticed number 6 was "Washington State," I laughed out loud. What they say is so true: people from out of state frequently ask if we live near Forks and/or have been to Forks. And, as the article also reports with perfect truth, "the state is so big that no matter where you are in it, you're pretty much always 12 hours from Forks." (More an issue of a mountain range and lots of wilderness standing between Forks and the rest of us, resulting in slow, curvy roads if you want to get there.)

The article is occasionally harsh toward Meyer's writing style, a criticism I only sort of agree with. My main problem with the Twilight series is not the series itself, though I can think of several ways to improve the plot and writing, if you were to ask. The series isn't that bad; it started out pretty strong and compelling, in fact, and even as it deteriorates, it's still basically fun, lightweight reading material. I'm in favor of the existence of such stuff. However, the big problem is the fandom--and the article covers that in spades. Please, younger women, I beg you: don't base your ideal of relationship material upon Edward Cullen. Nor Jacob Black, for that matter. Those relationships are unhealthy in the extreme. And older women, I beg you too: please don't lose your dignity and go borderline statutory-rapist over this fandom.

Hey, I know it's fun to be a fan. I'm always a fan of something. At times I've been a hugely dorky fan, complete with perviness. Scroll a few years back in my LJ if you need proof. But even back then, I was not sabotaging my relationship with my husband/fiance/boyfriend (whichever he was, depending on the year you choose) by actively seeking a Frodo or Spike or The Doctor of my very own. And while I do own a Frodo T-shirt (and a Legolas one too), I never owned underwear featuring any dude's face.

One of the other things the Twilight series has ruined, claims this article, is the publishing industry, in that paranormal romance has taken over like a gruesome variety of kudzu. And there we have the one way in which Twilight has helped me out: before reading it or even hearing of it, I wrote The Ghost Downstairs, and lucky me, that turned out to be the kind of thing people totally want to publish and read these days. However, I don't think we can pin that entirely on Twilight. Vampire and other supernatural novels with highly romantic moods have been around longer than Meyer's been alive, let alone writing.

As for all the innocent people named Bella, Edward, Jacob, Cullen, Carlisle, Victoria, or Renesme out there, I do feel deeply sorry for them these days.

I'm kidding about "Renesme." Man, is that the clunkiest name invented in a long while.

[For this post you'll notice I chose an icon reminiscent of sparkliness in night-dwellers.]
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