Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Summer Term! And the unread letter trope.

Woohoo! You can now pre-order Summer Term, my latest frothy/raunchy/chick-flicky novel, either direct from the publisher (I get a bigger kickback that way), or from

And I'm proud to say Summer Term does not include this occurrence that pops up left and right in films and books, and which annoys me into hives every time: namely, when a character receives a significant letter from someone, and, basically out of spite, doesn't read it. They send it back unopened, or shelve it for years (until it's Tragically Too Late!), or burn it, or rip it up, and--arrrrgh. Who does that?? Seriously? Have you ever done that? Can you explain why?

I'm far too curious to do such a thing, ever. If someone sends me a letter, I read it, even if I'm furious with the sender. Maybe especially if I'm furious with the sender, because maybe--hey, ever think of this?--maybe the letter explains the sender's motivation in doing whatever made me so furious. And maybe reading it will make me feel better. Even if it doesn't, failure to read it will make me look like an idiot later on, because I will not have absorbed the information I was sent and was supposed to absorb.

So, I don't let my characters do that. Rant over. Thanks! Enjoy your week.
Tags: books, summer term, writing

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