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Summer Term is here! Also, a perfume review (New Haarlem).

My copies of Summer Term arrived, all glossy and beautiful! And the ebook version is now exploding onto the e-reading screens of the world too, via Kindle and other formats.

Also, I recently discovered a very cool site that helps you support indie bookstores. It's called Indiebound, and from it you can order practically any book (including mine) and have it sent to an independent store near you for pick-up. Give it a try!

And now for today's perfume review: New Haarlem, by Bond No. 9...

Yum! Delicious! Last time I was chatting with the proprietor of Knows Perfume in Seattle, I mentioned liking the smell of coffee but not always having luck with it in fragrances. She pivoted, pulled a sample of New Haarlem from her cupboards, and handed it to me. And from first sniff, it's pretty much been a "yum!" for me.

One time years ago, at Garden Botanika, I mixed my own perfume spray from their available fragrance oils. I used coffee, vanilla musk, and mint, and I think that was all. I was no pro at it, but I must say the resulting mix smelled pretty good. Well, New Haarlem smells like my early attempt done ten times better--that is, done right, by professionals.

It's interesting to see that it's such a difficult scent for some people to wear. It's strong, yes--only takes a drop or two to keep me pleasantly scented for the majority of the day--but it's an approachable and comfy scent for me. Makes me think of a Saturday morning: coffee, brunch treats like pain au chocolat or cinnamon French toast, a hint of manliness like my husband's shaving cream and/or deodorant, even a suggestion of newspaper ink. It also puts me in mind of an airport concourse, in a good way: the coffee and food and new-magazine scents, along with the clean-and-cologne-doused travelers wandering through. In short, New Haarlem carries that mix of "cozy yet exciting" that I adore finding in a perfume. Smells great on me and would be fabulous on a man too. Keeper!
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