Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Cliche count

One of the sponsors for "Sesame Street" on our PBS station is a certain multi-location family resort chain that shall remain nameless, because I'm about to pick on their advertising copy. They say, in their voice-over:

"...because the family that plays together grows together, sharing precious moments and turning wondrous adventures into a lifetime of memories."

Or something very close to that. It befuddles my mind every time, because, jeez, they packed four cliches into the space usually reserved for one! Seriously, count 'em. We've got "the family that plays together grows together," "sharing precious moments," having "wondrous adventures," and obtaining "a lifetime of memories." Any one of those, on its own, would make for a decent, if cliched, advertising slogan. But all four at once? It's a freakin' traffic jam. Less is more, guys. There, another cliche for you. Take it with you into your weekend. And learn its precious nuances and make lifelong adventurous memories with it.
Tags: writing

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