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Move over, Maeve Binchy: meet Jessica Chambers, awesome women's fiction writer!

Today's interview features one of the best new writers I've discovered lately--she pens romantic, addictive, suspenseful, beautifully written women's fiction, and she's English too, which of course always appeals to me. Please welcome Jessica Chambers!

Congratulations on the release of Voices on the Waves! As you know, I loved reading it, and am always impressed with how adroitly you handle an ensemble cast of highly diverse characters. How much character and plot detailing do you plan out before you begin writing a novel?

As far as my characters go, I like to know as much about them as possible before beginning. It really helps to understand what makes them the people they are, and how they’re likely to react in a given situation. With regards to the plot, though, I’ve discovered that too much planning dampens my creativity. I tend to have the main plotline worked out, but let the characters and subplots find their own way.

Give us a line from Voices on the Waves that you personally love.

Gosh, Molly, you’re really putting me on the spot here. I suppose this line always strikes me as rather poignant. It describes a point in the story where Faye Wakefield, the owner of the farmhouse retreat where the novel’s set, is analyzing the reason behind her attraction to one of her guests, the handsome but unscrupulous Marcus Armitage.

“Or perhaps, deep inside, she knew the chance to have one last fling, of enjoying the thrill of intimacy with another’s body, was slipping through her fingers as surely as the flour had done moments before.”

If you could step into the world of any novel, which would you choose?

Ooh, I’d love to be transported into the pages of Pride And Prejudice, to experience the world of afternoons spent painting watercolors and playing the piano, of taking tea in the parlor and attending grand dances. If Mr. Darcy happened to drop by, so much the better!

Your book centers around a vacation that changes the lives of all involved. Have you ever had such a vacation, for better or worse?

Hahaha! If only my life were that interesting. Most of my holidays have been family oriented, leaving little room for steamy romances. Admittedly, our holidays have seen a fair few explosive rows, when my relatives realize they’re not meant to be cooped up together in a poky caravan, and of course some entertaining moments when one or other of my cousins have gone to town on the cheap booze. All pretty run of the mill stuff, really.

What would your dream vacation be?

One that combines gorgeous weather, delicious food, plenty of historical sites to explore and miles of golden sand for me to stretch out on to read a good book and listen to the waves. In fact, where did I put those holiday brochures?

Now that you're a published author, how has your outlook changed about your future? Do you feel more pressure, or more optimism? Or both?

Definitely both. More optimism because I’ve cleared the first hurdle of getting my debut novel published, but also more pressure because now readers have certain expectations I need to live up to.

What's up next for you and your writing?

I’ve just started work on a novella, which will be written as part of a series with a group of my fellow authors at Red Rose. The idea is that we each write a book based on a reality TV show, and I’m taking the inspiration for mine from talent shows such as American Idol and The X Factor. It’s shaping up to be really great fun!

I’m also in the throes of editing a novel called Painting The Summer. More of a mystery than Voices On The Waves, it centers around a wealthy English family whose lives are torn apart when they invite a handsome young artist into their home to paint their portraits. All going well; I’m hoping both novels will be published some time in 2011.

Anything else you'd like to share with the world?

I’m a total book addict. If I’m not writing, I’m reading. So long as a novel has a great plot with memorable characters, I’m there. I also enjoy critiquing the work of fellow writers on The Next Big Writer online writing group, and helping to promote published authors on my blog.

Buy Voices On The Waves now from Red Rose Publishing:

Thank you so much, Molly, for inviting me on your blog today, and to all of you for stopping by. Anyone kind enough to leave a comment here, or at any point during my blog tour, will automatically be entered into the draw to win a $15 gift voucher for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so don’t forget to provide an email address in case I need to contact you. I’ll be announcing the five winners at the end of my tour on October 31st over at my blog - good luck!

Tomorrow, the Voices On The Waves Blog Tour continues over at the home of Hywela Lyn, where I’ll be answering more questions and sharing an excerpt from my novel. Hope to see you there!


Thanks so much, Jess! Everyone keep an eye out for more from Jessica Chambers--I'm certain she'll be climbing the bestseller ranks before long. Cheers, as they say...
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