Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Dracula read-aloud: official sign-up!

Okay! Comment here, with the number of participants from your household, if you'd like to be assigned a line or two from Dracula to read aloud for a little Halloween audio project. I'm thinking we'll be doing the log from the doomed ship that carries Dracula (and his boxes o' dirt) to England.

Sign-up will be open until next Monday, Oct. 11. Then I'll close the door, divvy up the excerpt, and hand out lines. You will record yourselves reading them aloud and email the file to me by, say, Oct. 24, one week prior to Halloween. (I think I can take just about any normal audio file, and will let you know if it doesn't work.) I'll piece them together in the right order, apply spooky background music (professional composer madbard has graciously allowed me to raid his stuff), and put it online for your listening chills in time for Halloween.

Once more, I highly encourage youngsters, oldsters, foreign speakers of English, and those with strong regional accents to apply, as well as all average folk. The more varied the mix of voices, the cooler the end product. It says, "Literature is a realm any person can enter freely, and appreciating it will therefore save the world and keep it safe for democracy." Or something like that. In any case, our project will say, "Halloween is fun!"

To listen to the previous projects, check out 2007's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" or 2008's "The Raven". We didn't do 2009. I had a young infant and stuff.

Edited to add: For those curious, the entire text of Dracula can be found here for free (and probably other places). Our section begins with "Log of the 'Demeter'" (the ship's name)--though whether we cover the whole thing or just the more exciting middle-to-end section of the log may depend on the number of participants.
Tags: computers, holidays, spookiness

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