Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Molly's cure for what ails you

Your mom always said, "Drink your spices!" Well, no, she probably didn't. But she should have. They've got natural healing properties and, when imbibed as a hot drink, can do you more good and certainly less harm than many over-the-counter drugs. The following is my loose and adaptable recipe for a Feel Better Spice Drink. Works to relieve nausea/indigestion, headaches, and nasal/chest congestion--and most of the world is suffering from at least one of those right now, it would seem.

To one mug of hot water add 1 generous pinch each of:
ground cloves
ground ginger
ground cinnamon
ground nutmeg
ground allspice
ground cardamom
ground coriander
ground fennel seed or anise seed
dash of ground black pepper or cayenne pepper (if you're feeling brave)

Stir well. Mix in some honey to sweeten if you want, but it isn't necessary. Strain the drink if the little bits of ground spice swirling around are going to bother you. If you hate or can't tolerate (or don't have) any of the above spices, omit them. Or add in your favorites--pretty much all spices are good for you. Freshly ground spices will be strongest and most flavorful, but ordinary pantry spices are fine and certainly quicker.

The ones I use in slightly larger amounts than the others are cloves and ginger. They seem to have the most potent and beneficial health effects for whatever ails you.

Thanks to this mix, I haven't taken antacids for years--this stuff works much better for an upset stomach. As for colds, well, we all know nothing really cures them except time, so this is at least a good way to get those warm fluids that temporarily relieve symptoms, while boosting your immune system a teeny bit with all those natural healthful substances.

Experiment and enjoy!
Tags: food, health

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