Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

The great marker exchange

Fellow parents of small-ish kids: anyone have some spare green (washable) markers they want to swap for a different color?

See, our elder son's favorite color is green. Consequently, he uses up the ink in the green markers long before any other color. But no one sells the kids' washable markers individually--you have to buy a whole multicolored pack. Therefore we have about three working markers apiece in any color you like, except green. Green we keep running low on.

So it seemed to me that we parents need to orchestrate an exchange: are there any households out there in similar need of, say, purple markers? Or black ones? Or yellow, or red, or orange, or blue? Speak up and we can do some swapping via mail! (Note: I do prefer the washable type, be they Crayola or Rose Art or other brand. We're willing to take either thick or thin varieties, however.)
Tags: kid

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