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Perfume giveaway: Prima Ballerina and Thé Pour Un Été

Perfume giveaway is back! (And the masses cheered.)

At the end of December I might well write up a "Best perfumes I tried this year" list instead of the usual "Best movies I saw this year" list. For one thing, we've mostly watched comedy TV shows on DVD lately and not seen that many films. For another, I have sampled a lot of scents, thanks almost entirely to knows perfume opening in my 'hood back in spring. And, as such, I now have a bunch of samples around that I might possibly be persuaded to part with.

Today I have selected two, and our lucky winner will get them both:

Prima Ballerina by Strange Invisible Perfumes. Bright notes of Greek sage and organic lime animate a satiny bouquet of Egyptian and Turkish roses. Poised on an enchanting stage of botanical musk, this lithe composition executes a perfect tour jeté with the exhilarating grace of a true classic. (Description from the Strange Invisible website.)

Thé Pour Un Été by L'Artisan Parfumeur. An invitation to a far-away land, a moment of tranquility in an exotic oasis, the fragrance is as refreshing as a glass of iced green tea infused with jasmine and mint. Delicate and versatile, this is a scent for all seasons, a tender reminder of the happy days of summer. Notes: lemon, bergamot, mint, jasmine, green tea. (Description from L'Artisan's site.)

Both come in little 1ml vials, about half full after my sampling them.

To enter to win, comment here. Entrants may live anywhere in the world. I'll do the drawing by random number generator in one week (Thursday, Nov. 18). Good luck!
Tags: contests, fragrance

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