Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

My sci-fi, others' fantasy

I seldom come up with science fiction ideas, but here's one that occurred to me lately while dealing with our flooded basement (puddles and rivulets, not inches or feet, but still a nuisance):

Once science has figured out how to teleport matter, maybe involving those odd particles that act on one another at a distance or something, the world can set up a water exchange program. Via the future's version of the internet, a person or group who has too much water can hook up with someone who doesn't have enough, and, poof!, the water gets whisked away from the flood-stricken and given to the water-needy. So, for example, our basement's water could go to some parched home garden in Australia. Or, on a larger scale, the floodwaters rampaging riverfront property in the state of Washington right now could be spirited away to supply the city of Los Angeles or other desert metropolises. Handy, huh? Get on that, science.

In totally different news, I finally got around to watching the "making of" featurette for HBO and grrm (George R.R. Martin)'s "A Game of Thrones," and I am officially excited!

Yowza, talk about eye candy--on the part of actors and set dressing alike. Scenery, too, as apparently they filmed in both Northern Ireland and Malta. And the cool thing about Martin's story is that it's not merely eye candy; it's brain candy as well. Mind you, given the sex-and-violence level, I'll have to find a way to watch it when my kids aren't around, but this looks worth it.
Tags: fandom, housework, science, tv, weather

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