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2011: the year of keeping it simple

Things I've given up in recent years that I don't particularly miss:

Most of my hair products
Getting into arguments online (yes, email counts)
Cute but uncomfortable shoes
Seeing movies in the cinema
Watching violent or depressing movies
Keeping up with the news

I could also make a list of things I've given up that I do miss and hope to have again someday, but I'm focusing on the positive here. Comfort and simplicity are of the good.

Humor, meanwhile, is always good. So enjoy this inspired blend of Weird Al and Doctor Who, in which it is proven that David Tennant's Doctor is, indeed, white and nerdy. No wonder I loved him!



Jan. 27th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
Heh, yes, if I had 12 people in the house, that might improve my fondness for the cinema too! And actually I do look forward to attending it again, it's just that I don't miss it much for now. Uncomfortable shoes, however, I may never return to again.