Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Win an ebook, kinda-sorta visit Edinburgh!

Thanks to my friends and family scurrying to cast their votes over at the Preditors & Editors site, I placed as a top 10 novelist of 2010 (heh!), and my novel What Scotland Taught Me placed as the #5 young adult novel of last year!

What Scotland Taught Me

In celebration of this honor, I'll be giving away a free ebook copy of What Scotland Taught Me, with a (scanned) personalized signature, to one lucky winner, chosen at random from those who comment upon this post. Simply enter your comment before March 1, 2011, and upon that date I'll let the random number generator select a winner. My publisher can provide the file in any of the major ebook formats, so don't hesitate on that account.

Thank you so much to those who voted, and of course to those who have already enjoyed the story and let me know about it.
Tags: contests, what scotland taught me, writing

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