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Take a literary visit to Jamaica: meet author J.L. Campbell!

I'm pleased to welcome another bona fide author to my blog for an interview! Joy Campbell, writing as J.L. Campbell, is the author of the romantic thriller Contraband, recently out from Nevaeh Publishing. Welcome, Joy!

What elements do your stories always contain?

I’ve come to appreciate that writers have themes and somehow, the same elements creep into my novels - choices, family, relationships, a little murder, a lot of mayhem, and of course, love.

One thing I find especially unusual and fascinating about your stories is their setting--Jamaica--because I knew so little about it before. What do you wish people understood better about your home land?

Half the time, the bad stuff is what gets into the news, and as always a few people make things bad for many honest, hard-working Jamaicans. If I lived abroad, I’d probably be inclined to crusade and tell everybody that we’re not all bad people. But then they would probably think me demented.

I’ve learned over time that Jamaica is a good asset to my writing, so the island is a character in each novel. We have a rich cultural history, beautiful landscape, indigenous animals, lots of racial diversity, great athletes, and of course, the reggae music that has made the island famous.

What's one genre you would like to try writing in someday?

Historical fiction - maybe something set in Egypt – is something I’d like to try my hand at. I hold writers of historical fiction and fantasy in high regard. The thought of all that research and world building boggles my mind. It’s awesome when a writer can bring a totally alien world to life with their wordsmithing skills. Not to mention those writers who can paint a wonderful setting without ever having visited the country around which their story is written.

And how about one genre you doubt you'll ever write?

I don’t read much science fiction and I may have a mental block where such novels are concerned. I’m not sure I’m good at working through the science, technology, strange creatures and such that are involved. More than I can wrap my head around, you know?

What's your biggest, most far-fetched, dream-come-true wish when it comes to your writing? (e.g., Personal endorsement by Oprah and your favorite hot actor, etc.)

Dare I say the New York Times Best Seller List? Good thing dreams are free; however, having my book read by people worldwide (even if the numbers are only a few thousand) would be something of an achievement, and not so far-fetched when you think about e-publishing and the impact it has had on the reading public.


Thank you, Joy! Learn more about her writing at:
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