Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

A few thoughts on Doctor Who season 5

On the whole: writing and creativity: full marks! Big hurrah for Steven Moffat being ushered in full-time and Russell T. Davies being somewhere else entirely. Minimal Daleks and Cybermen; that was good too.

Rory! You will not dis Rory in my presence. Sure, the 11/Amy chemistry was tasty and quite amusing, but I didn't get the impression the Doctor honestly wanted her--he treated her like his granddaughter. So I'm ultimately all about the Rory/Amy. And that said, the season finale, well-- two thousand years?? He waited two thousand years?? No. Nobody could. Impossible. You'd go nuts. You'd get destroyed. You'd forget what the hell you were supposed to be doing. However, maybe being part plastic helped him through all that, and the absurdly grandiose gesture does put him high on the list of world's best boyfriends.

So, we're left mostly with the River Song storyline as the big mystery next to be tackled. And as to River...I don't know. Her plotline is certainly intriguing, but I don't exactly feel fond of her. I don't hate her, either. I could just...take or leave her. And it feels like they're writing her with this notion of "OMG, she's so cool, the fans will love her," rather than giving us a reason to love her. Hrm. Oh well. Still looking forward to next season.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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