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A few notes on Deathly Hallows part 1

Finally got around to seeing this on DVD. I thought it quite good, one of the best so far, though my heart may always give the true "favorite" label to Goblet of Fire with its bubbly rom-com feel. Anyway, notes follow, with spoilers for part 1 if you care.

Yes, that was a totally random Ginny/Harry make-out scene (the "zip me up" bit). But it was worth it for George sneaking around the kitchen in the background in order to position himself at the sink, leering, sipping from his mug, and drawling, "Morning."

Harry/Hermione awkward dancing in the tent was awkward. Subtext conversation as they stared at each other afterward:
Harry: So, you know, do you wanna...(eyebrow lift of innuendo)
Hermione: Eh...maybe?
Harry: Just to pass the time, as it were? You think? No?
Hermione: Nah. Headache. Plus you're scruffy-looking lately.
Harry: 'Kay. Go mope about Ron some more.
Hermione: 'Kay.

Never expected to say, "That guy in the bit part as the snatcher Scabior was strangely hot," but he was. In a 1980s-Adam-Ant kind of way.

I never liked Dobby much until he was within minutes of getting killed. Only intending "to maim or seriously injure"--hee! So after that, his death scene was quite sad.

I still wish Rowling had done more with Draco rather than reducing him to quivering uncertainty for the entire 7th (and much of the 6th) installment. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it now.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
Heheh. Some awkwardness scenes are harder to watch than actual horror scenes.

I can see the real-life truth in a bully like Draco turning into a cowering nothing by adulthood, but HP isn't supposed to be about real-life truths exactly, I thought. Regardless, the author in me wants to do more for Draco's arc.

At least we have Scabior's hotly smudged eyeliner to soothe us. I did a Google image search on "Scabior Nick Moran" (the actor's name), and WHOA. A nearly-nude shot of the guy, from a few years back, crops up first thing. So you wouldn't want to run that search or anything. Just warning you. ;)