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Open question for those with kids:
How old did your kids have to be before your family vacations actually felt like vacations? Rather than feeling like variations on the usual stress, that is?

Maybe this comes down to the question: At what age does a person learn to relax quietly for an extended period of time, and respect the relaxation of others? When I put it that way, it occurs to me that some people are just born with that ability, while others never learn it their whole lives. But I assume most are somewhere in between, antsy as kids but learning to relax and chill as adults. And I'm wondering when that happens.

Yep. I only come to you for the tough questions, o random internet people.


Aug. 29th, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
Heh, the "not running off cliffs" thing is definitely part of the problem! We were just at the Oregon coast, and even though they've nicely fenced in their dramatically dangerous cliff-tops, I couldn't help feeling a touch of panic when the toddler went careening off the path this way and that. Yeesh. But then, I'll probably still worry about them when they're 20 and doing a study-abroad stint in Europe or Asia or whatever. :) So perhaps it's more about me finding my mentally balanced place.

Still, yes, I'm guessing things will be easier when we've reached at least age 5 for both of them. The current five-year-old was certainly the easier one to deal with, not requiring naps and diapers and all that.