Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

What did Ginny catch Percy doing? People want to know!

Sweet! I've apparently nailed down my own little corner of Harry Potter searches on Google.

One of the most common search terms that land people on my webpage is "what did ginny catch percy doing." In case you don't recall, this question references Chamber of Secrets, in which Ginny giggles secretively about something or other she walked in on Percy doing. At the end, it's revealed that all he was doing was snogging Penelope Clearwater. Yawn.

But! Not until today did I run that Google search myself ("what did ginny catch percy doing"), and my parody of Chamber of Secrets comes up as the very first result--at least when I run it. To the tiny degree I understand Google, I gather results may vary based upon the user's location, browsing history, and who knows what else.

Still, kind of amusing and cool. And I suppose it means I need to pick up Prisoner of Azkaban again and get back on that parodying horse. I apologize for the long delay on that. It actually takes longer to compose the parodies than to read the books, is the reason. That and having novels of my own to write and market. I know; excuses, excuses.
Tags: computers, funny, harry potter

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