Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Mischief managed, but too often offstage

In re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban, I've just gotten to Fred and George presenting Harry with the Marauder's Map*--a big moment disguised as a small scene. And I can't help daydreaming, as I do most times Fred and George pop up, about how different the series might have been if they were the center of things instead of Harry. It probably wouldn't have the same darkness and poignant-tragic overtones, and I can appreciate the value of that brooding atmosphere. But I'm also a person who places comedy above nearly all else, so I suppose it's natural that my affections are settling in the long term on the twins.

Imagine it: getting to see all that managed mischief firsthand instead of from the sidelines or in dialogue summary afterward! Would one of them be the Chosen One in my scenario? I don't know; perhaps. If they were the focus of the series, that might be inevitable. Maybe it would also be good to turn one into a girl, to balance things out, while not losing any of the mischievous cheer.

This would of course make a certain event in book 7 all the more heartbreaking if it still took place as written. Then again, if it were up to me and my comedic bent, I probably wouldn't allow that. Dumbledore and the swirly dream-state between life and death would send that troublemaker right back again to the living.

* I kind of wanted to write " Marauders' " rather than "Marauder's," because it was originally created and used by four marauders. But it does say "Marauder's," and I guess the singular works, in the sense of "any interested and qualified marauder."
Tags: books, harry potter

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