Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

My books at ARE, and an awesome SumHarry

If you're tired of giving Amazon all your ebook revenues, do stop by All Romance Ebooks, which conveniently carries nearly all my titles in many e-formats, and sends out a fun and spicy newsletter too. One of those titles is...

...Of Ghosts and Geeks, silly comedic paranormal novella for your Halloween reading pleasure.

Also, its sister site, OmniLit, carries non-romance, including my one title that isn't on ARE (What Scotland Taught Me). Good site to know.

Now, in other news, I continue reading Prisoner of Azkaban for parodying and enjoying purposes, but dudes! I don't really need to, for someone has summarized the entire Harry Potter series in comic-strip form in one huge condensed-parody poster. Awesome. Still, I suppose I'll do my humble written version eventually.
Tags: books, funny, harry potter, linkage, of ghosts and geeks, writing

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