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Giveaway, and New Year's resolutions

On the "fun yet business" side of things, go here to enter to win one of my ebooks, or any of the other contenders for "Best Ebooks Read by Andrea at the Reading Lark blog in 2011" (she named two of mine - hurray!) -


And, to look ahead to 2012, I suppose we all need to frame our resolutions. I have yet to fix on a really good one for next year. But if it helps, I will share with you the two absolute best New Year's resolutions I ever made. I don't remember the exact year of either of these, but they were from sometime in the past decade.

The first was no more getting into arguments online. Yes, that means no posting obnoxiously controversial opinions either.

The second, in a similar vein, was no more indulging in road rage. (I never discharged firearms at fellow drivers, but angry passing or speeding or swerving to "get back" at annoying drivers doesn't help any of us, especially ourselves, does it now?)

Sure, I slip up on both these counts from time to time. But even following them 90% of the time has led to a dramatic reduction of my stress and irritation levels. Imagine--just imagine--the widespread peace and harmony if everyone in the world adopted merely those two simple resolutions. For the first one, Internet traffic would probably drop by half. Or maybe the time spent in flame wars would be diverted into creating and laughing at LOLcats instead. Hey, that'd still be a global improvement on the whole.

But I cite those two resolutions because anger is my biggest flaw. I suppose if you have a different main flaw, you might draw more benefit from a different resolution. Share your own ideas if you like. Happy New Year, whatever you wish to start or stop doing!


Dean Mayes
Jan. 1st, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
I spent a healthy portion of my internet time this past year engaging in "discussion" with a number of conservative "friends" online across a number of current topics. On each occasion, I found myself tearing their arguments down by pointing out that tbey were basing them on discredited research or argument that had been proved to be 'porky pies'. I rarely gave into my anger, but they certainly gave into theirs.

My 'extreme right wing' friend count is decidedly barren as I enter 2012, which means - I have no one to argue with. How boring is that gonna be!?

I no longer make resolutions. Basically, I suck at 'em.
Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
Hee hee...it's a darn good thing I didn't meet you till *after* my brainwashed-by-right-wing-friends phase. Even during that phase, I did a lot of arguing with them. Finally I distanced myself and settled happily here in the "extreme center."

I urge the resolution "Write more novel!" for you, because I want to read it. But I know from personal experience that that's not an easy one either. Hmm, what am *I* going to write this year? Crap...better decide...