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Attack of the Clones parody

Haven't posted in a week or more, mostly because I only post when I have something relatively illuminating to say, and there hasn't been much lately. I've been reading the posts on my friends list, though, and rest assured I still like you and have been mostly agreeing with and/or sympathizing with you all this week.

So here's my contribution for you today, since it seems what people need most is a laugh: Found a pretty amusing parody of the second (i.e., latest) Star Wars film. The authors also did a Phantom Menace one. I've only seen these films once each, and had forgotten how much they sucked. The second was better, of course, but that ain't sayin' much.

No offense to anyone. Except Jar-Jar, who, I'm totally serious, was one of the worst ideas in the history of cinema. I have a friend (maybe "friend" is the wrong word) who likes to make jokes in Jar-Jar dialect, and Photoshop Jar-Jar into LOTR scenes, and so forth, and really, it's not funny. Jar-Jar is so annoying, such behavior is just wrong and awful and infuriating and must stop at once.

But anyway. Here's my favorite excerpt from the "Attack of the Clones" parody:
YODA, doing lightsaber drills with a pack of kindergartners: Good, younglings.  Whoa, watch where you point that you must!  Get a new cat we will.  Billy, pulling hair of Susie stop you must.  Dougie, spit out that gum you will.


P.S. Elijah fans, of which there are just a few among you (heh): supposedly the E! network will have some show today (and will be re-running it tomorrow or the next day) about young Hollywood actors, which will feature Lij among others. Check local listings, etc. etc. End public service announcement.
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