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Links! So many links!

As the latest stop on my blog tour, here's another giveaway you can enter--this time for either What Scotland Taught Me or Relatively Honest (winner's choice). Even if you have those ebooks already, you can always enter to win a copy for a friend. Because you're nice that way.

Also this past week on the blog hop, I visited Dean Mayes' blog to talk about settings I've used in writing. Dean's new novel is out now, and you can enter to win a copy of that too! I highly recommend doing so. By the way, if you're an avid reader and haven't created a login at so that you can browse the book giveaway section of the site, you're missing out on serious kid-in-candy-store action.

Norelle Done at the Seattle Wrote blog also invited me on for a quick Q & A about NaNoWriMo. Norelle is a great writer herself, who generously features all the Seattle-area writers she can get a hold of, and I'm honored to be in the same list alongside so many shining stars.

Finally, in chocolate news, we made these Chewy Chocolate-Cinnamon Cookies last night and they're awesome. Easy recipe, too. It's odd; Hershey's chocolate bars/Kisses don't impress me much (even the Special Dark), but their baking cocoa is excellent, and we've loved the cookie and cake recipes we've tried from their kitchen so far. They must know their stuff, so I wish they'd create some higher-quality eating chocolate for us fans.
Tags: books, contests, food, linkage, relatively honest, what scotland taught me, writing

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