Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

The Avatar and the Goblet of Fire

A few Avatar thoughts, salvaged from Facebook (where they'll become near-impossible to find again after a short while)...

Jan. 30: Avatar episode with the singing nomad hippies, and the cave of love, and Sokka improvising a badger-mole song: funniest episode ever, so far.

Feb. 3: For those with whom I've talked about the Zuko/Katara ship--I saw this online.
Zutara & mad Aang
Hee. Cute. (Poor Aang.) My compliments to the artist.

Feb. 10: Saw the "Tales of Ba Sing Se" episode of Avatar tonight. Cannot decide what was funnier: Sokka getting involved in a haiku battle, or Zuko's date with Jin. Iroh's story was delightful and awesome, ending on a note of so so sad. Meanwhile, Zuko firebending the lamps into lighted-ness on his date was a surprisingly romantic gesture.

Feb. 12: I was going to say, "Someone should make a T-shirt that says 'Jasmine Dragon Tea Shop, Ba Sing Se,'" but of course someone already did. Sweet. (Scroll down about a third of the way. They also have a "Fly Sky Bison" shirt.)

In other news, I'm embarking on a re-read of Goblet of Fire now, so I can finally parody it. Oh yeah. It has the Quidditch World Cup along with the Goblet of Fire competition. Okay, so maybe this will go in the parody:

ROWLING: Funny story! So, my editors were like, "People are getting a bit tired of Quidditch," and I was like, "How could anyone ever get tired of Quidditch?!" And they were like, "Let's just try some other big competition instead," and I was like, "OR, we could do BOTH." Which is how we ended up with a 734-page-long novel.
Tags: avatar, harry potter, tv

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