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A giveaway, and a lot of Game of Thrones notes

First of all, there is a new giveaway here in which you can win the ebook of Persephone's Orchard and a $10 Amazon gift card, so really, why wouldn't you enter that? Go and good luck!

Second, there's now a book trailer for it:

And third, to return to fandom concerns, I've begun watching "Game of Thrones," some six or seven years after reading the first four books (I still haven't read A Dance with Dragons but I know some spoilers). It's an addictive TV series and does a good job with the exposition--or sexposition as it usually happens--such that I don't end up too confused about the complex plot lines. My Facebook updates on the topic:

May 24: So I'm finally watching the first episode of Game of Thrones, and well gosh, who's cuter: Jon Snow or direwolf puppies? How can a person be expected to decide?

May 25: two whole episodes in now:
Viserys has quite the Lestat vibe/look going on. He may actually be MORE evil than Lestat. He'd be hot if not for the evil.
I wouldn't want to play Joffrey. People must constantly be walking up to him and punching him. How could they resist?
Cool to see That Guy play Ser Jorah with so much kindness when he played Sir Richard (on Downton Abbey) with so much despicableness.
We'll see if I can take the cruelty, knowing as I do that there's lots more of it coming. In the meantime, we have interesting faces to look at. As in the Lord of the Rings films, this series makes good use of faces: charismatic actors, interesting expressions, lingering camera work on them.
It's not escaping my notice that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) would also fit a Hades role really well, at least as I've written him. Dark eyes, dark curly hair, looks good but still youthful with facial hair, good at the brooding thing--check, check, check, and check. Hmm.

May 29: s1 ep3:
I'm already feeling sad about Ned. Oh, Ned.
I'm amused Littlefinger looks like Edward Norton, because that's who I pictured when reading the books.
Tyrion is made of awesome, but we can say that every episode, I wager.
I already like Jaime despite him not being into totally likable territory yet.
Problem with Jon Snow being at the Wall: way too many layers of clothing required. At least he's not covering up his lovely hair. Even though he probably should, given the temperatures.
I like Syrio Forel too. He looks like a cross between Robert Downey Jr and Bob Ross. Happy trees. Happy swords.

June 7: season 1, episode 5: I squeaked out loud in acrophobia when Tyrion looked over the edge of his cell in the Eyrie. And I looked away a lot because there were more stabbings and blood-spurting events this episode. (No, not Jory! We liked Jory! He was just looking at boobs a second ago!) They were also a bit heavy on the sexpositional dialogue this episode, but I don't mind that as much.

I see how this show inspired the coining of the term "sexposition." Here, Theon will explain about his home islands and his father's rebellion...while naked and messing with a whore's boobs! And Loras will discuss who's in line for the throne next...while erotically shaving Renly! Hee. Hey, far better that than the stabbings and beheadings.

My friend Kate commented: And you forgot the scene with Viserys and Doreah in the bath. That was a bit much.

Molly: Hahah--oh yes, "Tell me about the dragons, and also your family history, MMMM yeah." Any show crushes so far? I'm still pretty soft on Jon, but Jaime is highly charismatic too. And Tyrion just for sheer awesomeness.

Kate: I saw photos of the actor who plays Jon Snow beforehand, and I was like, whatevs. But now watching it? Is it all the fur? Completely, meltingly hot. *shakes head*

Molly: Hah, same here. And now, it's like, "No, Molly, you really should not kiss the photo on the DVD case; it'll start getting greasy with lip balm." I've heard theories that his hair possesses the magic of the North. I think there is something to this. Also the rare but adorable laugh. It was so nice of them to give us that shirtless haircut scene in the first episode, as compensation for burying him in Watch uniform layers later. Though yeah, even the fur works.

Here. Enjoy the most adorable ever GIF of Kit Harington as Jon Snow:

I'll stop now. Till I have more episode chatter to preserve for posterity.
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