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Introverts unite!

LiveJournal hasn't been letting me post or comment for two days till now. It's been traumatizing...*sniffle*

So. Remember when I said I would have to write a post about how extroverts routinely put us introverts through torture without realizing it? Well, it seems Jonathan Rauch has written it for me. It's completely perfect. You all must read this article if you want to understand the strangely silent people in your life. Excerpt:

...after an hour or two of being socially "on," we introverts need to turn off and recharge. This isn't antisocial. It isn't a sign of depression. It does not call for medication.

...Extroverts have little or no grasp of introversion. They assume that company, especially their own, is always welcome. They cannot imagine why someone would need to be alone; indeed, they often take umbrage at the suggestion. As often as I have tried to explain the matter to extroverts, I have never sensed that any of them really understood. They listen for a moment and then go back to barking and yipping.


Thanks much to kenshi for locating this.
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