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My book is a finalist!

RomCon is a pretty darn big convention of romance writers and readers, so I figured it was worth entering Persephone's Orchard in their annual contest--and am now delighted that it's been announced as a 2014 Readers' Crown Finalist in the paranormal category!

All the sub-genres have fairly long lists of finalists, and paranormal is no exception, but I'm still stoked to have made it into the company of these fine writers. Here are all the finalist titles for the paranormal category, in case you'd like to look a few up for fun summer reading:

Aileen Harkwood ~ Dangerous Dreams
Alicia Sparks ~ Primitive Fix
Angela Campbell ~ Something Wicked
Ashley Robertson ~ Death Dealer
Brenda Dyer ~ Prophecy's Child
Caryn Moya Block ~ A Siberian Werewolf In Paris
Dena Garson ~ Ghostly Persuasion
Erin Quinn ~ The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love
Holley Trent ~ A Demon in Waiting
Jessie Donovan ~ Blaze of Secrets
Jody A Kessler ~ Death Lies Between Us
J.M. Kelley ~ Almost Magic
Kathryn Knight ~ Gull Harbor
Lisa Kessler ~ Moonlight
Lynn Cahoon ~ Return of the Fae
L. A. Kelley ~ The Naughty List
Molly Ringle ~ Persephone's Orchard
M.L. Guida ~ A Pirate's Curse
Shelli Rosewarne ~ Love Reawakened
Suza Kates ~ Suffering of a Witch
Suzzana C Ryan ~ Before I Wake My Soul to Take
Torie James ~ Timeless Night
Zoey Derrick ~ Give Me Reason
Zoey Derrick ~ Give Me Hope

Congratulations to all, and gigantic thanks to those who gave my book good enough marks to get it into the above company!
Tags: contests, persephone's orchard

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