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Fiction new releases: spring roundup

I’ve been keeping my head down and writing, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. The news there is that I do plan to wrap up the Persephone series as a trilogy this year, with the completion of book 3, and I’m nearly done with a first draft. Hurray! But revisions and editing always take a while, so in the meantime you’ll need something else to read.

Luckily I have a lot of author friends with new books out. All of them come from small or independent publishing and thus can use your word of mouth; and, more importantly, they’re all lovely people whom I’ve known for years, in person or online, so I can assure you they’ve earned your business. Please look them up!

Historical romance: Olivia Fields, Her Heart’s Liege. New release: currently $0.99 on Kindle and Nook. You know that trope about the sheltered, spoiled princess getting saved (and changed) by the stoic swordsman? Fields does a fun gender-flip on it, giving us a romance between a sheltered, spoiled prince and a stoic swordswoman, in a medieval fairy-tale-ish setting. I just started reading it, and am loving it!
Amazon, B&N

Young adult paranormal: Pam Stucky, The Universes Inside the Lighthouse. Two teenagers encounter aliens, ghosts, and time travel, all from within a lighthouse on a little Pacific Northwest island. Described as A Wrinkle in Time meets Doctor Who - what’s not to like?
Amazon, B&N

Paranormal romance: Cyndi Tefft, the Between series. Through an afterlife loophole, a modern young woman falls in love with an 18th-century Scotsman, and paranormal fun and angst ensue. Sacrifice of Greatest Price, book 4 and the final book in the series, is coming out soon, so now’s a good time to start on the first one if you haven’t yet!
Amazon, B&N

Literary fiction/romance with magic twist: Ellen Ekstrom, Tallis’ Third Tune. A love story between a historian and a musician, told out of sequence, and spiced up by visits to a quirky afterlife village peopled with historical personages. This book and its companion/sequel (Scarborough) are poignant and beautiful without being depressing like so much literary fiction is.
Amazon, B&N

Historical romance: Abbie Williams, Heart of a Dove. In post-Civil-War America, a young woman sold into prostitution finds love and redemption among a small band of Confederate soldiers fleeing west in search of a better life. Has a great “Western” feel—lots of horseback rides and prairie sunsets. Abbie’s written tons of great contemporary fiction too, so if you like her style, there’s more waiting for you!

In the meantime, feel free to send me any recommendations you particularly loved. My to-be-read list is absurdly long, but I can’t help loving to browse books and add to it all the same.


Mar. 9th, 2015 04:04 am (UTC)
Krampus, The Yule Lord and The Child Thief by Brom. (Yeah, just the one name.) In fact, anything by him. He's a pagan priest and artist who has started writing INCREDIBLE novels based on a pagan worldview. The first one I mentioned is about a kind of "angel war" between Krampus, the original lord of Yule, and Santa Claus, who usurped his throne and imprisoned him. (YES. REALLY.) The second one is a modern extension of Peter Pan, wherein Peter is the protector and defender of Avalon, and adopted son of the Goddess who dwells there. These are AMAZING stories - I've taken them out of the library to read four times each now, and am really wishing I had money to buy copies of my own.

Do check them out, they are YUMMY.
Mar. 9th, 2015 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oh cool! I hadn't heard of Brom. Those sound deliciously dark. On my list they go! Thanks.