Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Moulin Rouge!

Just got a DVD of 'Moulin Rouge' in the mail, from my husband, who will be in Alaska during our first anniversary. He had them write "Happy anniversary!" on the packing slip. Seems he ordered it from Amazon a couple days ago and had them send it, without telling me. And now I can't even call him and thank him because, well, he's in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.

Sure, you're supposed to give paper on the first anniversary, but hey, a DVD is encased in paper (or cardboard-stuff, in this case). And since this is the most extravagantly romantic movie I've seen in years, I'm much pleased. Was going to ask for it for my birthday, actually, but no need now!

Hmm, the booklet inside says that this is the third film in the "Red Curtain" trilogy: three stories based on a primary myth, set in an exotic yet familiar world and told through an unusual medium. The first was 'Strictly Ballroom,' told through dance; the second 'Romeo + Juliet,' told through Shakespeare's original lines; and now 'Moulin Rouge,' through song. The myth is, apparently, that of Orpheus. Didn't think of that when I saw it the first time, but now that they mention it I can see it. And can I just say: Baz Luhrmann is brilliant. Must see 'Strictly Ballroom' again sometime soon. It's been years...

OK, an hour to kill before the "Kids in the Hall" reruns which I always watch. Think Bruce is my favorite Kid. He will kiss anybody. *Anybody*.
Tags: love, movies

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