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Eli-djah, music, pirates, fluff.

Many of you seem to have your minds where they should be tonight: on somber questions of war, freedom, patriotism, relationships, school.

Me, I just want to talk about pop culture. This is probably a sign that I've had enough studying for a while. (Though you wouldn't know it from what I post here, I do spend a fair amount of time every day absorbed in Linguistics tasks. And that doesn't count thinking up different ways to make FotR lines sound dirty.)

By the way, I wish to sincerely apologize to anyone who clicked all unknowingly on the last entry and was squicked into shell-shock. No one has complained as of yet, but it probably happened. Maybe this entry will clear the slash taste from your mouth.

Who am I kidding. No it won't.

Elijah was right again: this Doves album, "The Last Broadcast," is really really good. Glad I took a chance on it. Also I finally verified that he does pronounce the "j" in his name with an affricate sound--that is, "j" as in "jump," not "zh" as in "genre" (which is how I had been saying it). I had noticed his fellow actors constantly referring to Eli-djah instead of Eli-zha, and kept wondering why they were saying it wrong. Then I reasoned that since they're his friends, they probably weren't saying it wrong; he probably says it that way himself. (Steve: "I mean, he was right there to correct them.") And indeed, if you listen close on ("Hello, this is Elijah Wood; welcome to Lord of the Rings dot net"), he does indeed say it that way. Isn't that nice? You know, if you guys were all linguistics geeks, I could just describe it this way: the "j" in his name is a voiced alveopalatal affricate, not a fricative. But instead, because very few people speak that language, I have to resort to this awkward "dj" vs "zh" spelling thing and hope you follow me.

Somehow, I hadn't seen any footage from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie till tonight, on some entertainment news clip. Oh, my Lord, that was hysterical. I was snickering the whole time. Johnny Depp dripping with black hair extensions, daggers, and jewelry...swordfighting with Orlando Bloom in a puffy white shirt...accidentally nicking him on the wrist ("Are you okay?")...heehee. Whoever said "Most slashable movie ever" looks to be entirely right. The interview clip with Orlando had him saying, "I can't believe it; I've played an elf, a boxer, an outlaw, and now a pirate? I'm living every boy's dream." Rent-boy too, Orlando; don't forget you played a rent-boy. Which also is every boy's dream, I'm sure.

I just tried to make oatmeal scotchies. They look horrible - all flattened out and greasy. (Still taste pretty good, though.) But I figured out why. Guess what I forgot? The oats. Yeah. That would do it. Ahahaha...I'm such a dork.
Tags: celebrity, fandom, food, linguistics, movies, music

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