Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Purple, green, Hades, Persephone

“I got good marks in social science, bad marks in maths, my favorite color is green, and are you falling asleep with boredom yet?” - Adrian, Persephone's Orchard

I bet exactly no one has ever noticed this, but I have this color thing going on with the Hades and Persephone characters. I represent Hades with purple, because it's a dusk-sky color but also a royal/wealth color, and apparently was an expensive dye back in the day. Then I represent Persephone with green, because, well, that's a no-brainer in a spring goddess.

But I mixed and matched those to complement each other. So in the old days, Hades wears a dark purple cloak as befits his wealthy station, but Persephone chooses an amethyst (purple) from the Underworld gems to wear as a necklace, and violets are her favorite flower, and Hades wears a green rope belt. And in modern times, Sophie likes purple, the Hades color (I mention her cell phone case being purple, and so is her favorite sweater); and Adrian likes green, the Persephone color (he wears it sometimes, along with of course black).

Also I just like how green and purple look together. See also: Dionysos, purple grapes and green grapevines.

Tags: books, mythology, persephone's orchard, writing

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