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Spotlight: happy release month to The Recipient!

New book release from one of my lovely fellow authors at Central Avenue Publishing!

I got to read this novel early, and as always, I'm impressed with Dean's work, and his versatility. In The Hambledown Dream he crafted a beautiful and gritty paranormal romance, in Gifts of the Peramangk he brought to life a family saga about Australian race relations, and with The Recipient he's written a scary and intriguing medical thriller. But what he brings to them all is authentic human emotion, a diverse assortment of characters, and a creative dose of imagination. As a nurse (and occasional patient), Dean knows the scientific side of this book inside and out, and I was moved by the realistic emotional and physical fallout undergone by Casey, the protagonist whose heart transplant kicks off the story. Then, pulling us more into the paranormal-thriller side, it turns out the heart has a dark tale of its own to tell about its previous owner, if Casey is willing to listen. Spooky and suspenseful, the story also touched me, because Dean never forgets these are actual humans living through all this turmoil.

Also, I greatly like Dean as a person, because he has a cool Australian accent (to my ears he pronounces his own name "Dane"), he's eternally sweet and supportive to all of us in the writing world, and he's one of my top go-to people if I want to talk Star Wars. He is a serious and dedicated fanboy there, as he'll happily tell you himself.

The Recipient is Dean's third full length novel for Central Avenue Publishing and is distributed internationally by Independent Publisher's Group. Visit him at his blog, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, and more. And ask for his books at your favorite bookseller!

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