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A record of election posts, Nov. 8-9

Preface: Some of you have been around long enough to remember when I used to call myself a conservative (or at least a libertarian), because like a lot of people in their 20s, I had a phase where I read Ayn Rand and listened to charismatic and persuasive conservative friends and didn’t like taxes. But that isn’t me anymore, in case you couldn’t tell. (Well, I still don’t LIKE taxes, but I’m more at peace with them.) In reverse of the “liberal at 20, conservative by 40” trope, I’ve long since come back over to the liberal side, and embraced the values that were, to be honest, always at the heart of my thinking. I mean, I did spend a lot of my supposed conservative phase arguing with those conservative friends, because I was never fully okay with the LGBTQ-derogatory attitudes, the misogyny, the over-reliance on religion, or the stingy healthcare, to name a few issues.

So, though I wasn’t worried about the election of George W. Bush back in the day, I’m not feeling all right today. (But really, in hindsight, doesn’t Dubya look a lot more appealing now in comparison?)

Anyway. For posterity, here is a record of thoughts I posted on other social media, between last night and tonight:

Nov. 8, 7:38 PM Pacific time (while votes were still being counted): Dude, okay USA, we'll save you, but you have to not make fun of our organic kefir habit for like a month after this. Love, the West Coast.

Nov. 8, 9:45 PM (as the vote became clearer): Me before tonight: I don’t know, this story I’m writing about a gay couple encountering prejudice, maybe it’s outdated.
Me tonight: Oh no it f***ing isn’t.

Nov. 9, 6:04 AM (because I woke up too early, unable to fall back asleep, and finally gave in and checked the news): Last night I dreamt I was in a big crumbling house, but friends had made their rooms in it really beautiful. Comfort from subconscious.

6:50 AM: This morning's thought that has helped boost me: well, new wave music arose and flourished under the era of Reagan, Thatcher, and the Cold War. So, creative types (and really everyone is creative if you find the right medium), we are needed and our time may be now.
Everyone line up and get your eyeliner and your mousse and your ruffly shirts! OK, I suppose the dress code is optional, but it could be fun.
Make beautiful stuff, guys. Don't ever stop.

5:28 PM: Nov 9 problems: not wanting to smile at people because I don't want to seem happy about the news, but not wanting to seem hostile by NOT smiling.

And finally, because I hope it gives you at least a brief laugh the way it did for me:

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