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TTT, an anniversary of sorts

I was flipping thru my journal (the old-fashioned pen-and-paper one, not this one), and noticed that one year ago tonight I finished reading The Two Towers for the first time. That's something of a milestone, given the traumatic experience that the end of that book provides.

Here's what I said about it - and, be warned, there are very serious spoilers ahead, even if you've seen the movie, because as you may have heard, the movie ends earlier than the book:

I finished The Two Towers, and WOW, what an ending. Tolkien can lull you into thinking that he'll never step up the pace, but you'd be in for a surprise. The last few chapters are impossible to put down, not to mention heartrending. Even though we just KNOW Frodo isn't really dead - I mean, come on, they are not going to kill Frodo before Book 3 even begins - it was still just awfully sad and agonizing to read that "death" scene. Sam weeping over him, "Don't go where I can't follow" - oh, dearie, when I see that scene in the movie come December, I shall be a sniffling mess. [Note: clearly this is before I found out that they weren't including this until the third movie. It was a dark day for everyone when I learned that bit of news.] Argh - this stuff is just SO GOOD. I know I cannot do a single thing in tribute to make it better; all I can do is fawn/drool/worship, and that sounds pretty good, but - DAMN.

I feel like the adoring, frustrated councilman in 'Waiting for Guffman' - "It's just so good; I mean - did you SEE - aagh! DAMN, I wish I was in this production!" I seethe with envy of those who got to work on the filming and writing for the trilogy, though at the same time I realize that if it hadn't been for their vision, I might never have gotten interested in these books. To my own stupid loss.

Indeed. Hard to imagine a time before knowing about the Shelob scene, but there it was. How much fuller a person I am now.

So, anyway, goodnight.
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