Delay on the upcoming book

My upcoming book Dramatically Inclined will not be published this summer as I had originally planned. I have asked Riptide Publishing to return the rights to me, and today they have complied. They have been issuing rights reversions for many authors lately (at the authors' requests), after a lot of press has come out involving questionable behavior (sexual harassment, borderline racist comments, and more) on the part of some editors. It did not feel like a wise decision for me to stay with the press after this has all come to light, so I will be seeking publication elsewhere. This will unfortunately mean a delay in the release date, which I find frustrating and saddening, but I am relieved to have been able to make this choice before the book's release rather than after.

Once I know more about this novel's future, I will definitely update you. I hope to have a plan soon! Meanwhile, if you wish to help any of the many authors whose works have been affected by the problems at Riptide by supporting them elsewhere, here is a handy list of who they are and where to find them.

This doesn't affect any of my other existing books--which, I'm especially relieved today to say, are under other publishing houses.


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