Harry Potter and the Flux Capacitor

I finally read The Cursed Child. Thoughts:

1) Wow, people weren’t kidding about Albus/Scorpius being practically a canon couple. I’m going, “sweet! we finally get an on-page HP gay relationship?” …haha. No. Of course not. Truly Johnlock levels of Suspiciously Close Friendship. It’s like Rowling wanted people to write All the Fanfic but didn’t want to actually go so far as to include the gayness in canon.

2) I do not see Cedric Diggory turning Death Eater because of losing the tournament. Hufflepuffs roll with humiliation, plus EVERYONE at Hogwarts gets embarrassing spells put on them, like, daily.

3) I know wizards aren’t that into Muggle stuff, but honestly, they haven’t heard of DNA tests to put this “Voldemort’s your dad” rumor to rest?

4) If you are going to bring Time-Turners back into it, and you feel you must save someone, YOU CHOOSE FRED.

5) Scorpius is darling. Seriously. He makes this whole Harry Potter and the Flux Capacitor episode worth it.

6) I feel so much better about my own plot flaws now.


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