Oh hi, new contract!

Hello all -

Exciting news first: there's a new book on the way! I've just signed a contract with Central Avenue Publishing (my awesome publisher for the past several books as well) for my next novel, currently titled Lava Red Feather Blue. For those who read The Goblins of Bellwater and wanted more fae, I have heard you! This one has loads of fae, including a protagonist who's half-fae, half-human. Meanwhile for those of you who read All the Better Part of Me and wanted another male/male love story, I've heard you too: this one also has that! It's set on a fictional island nation in the north Pacific, and I'll have plenty of time to tell you more about it in the coming year, but for now, you can add it to your Goodreads to-read shelf. And here's a teaser graphic with character-inspiration images.

As for news of books that are already released: I went to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers' Association trade show a couple of weeks ago, where I talked up All the Better Part of Me and signed mountains of copies. 

This is a show that isn't open to the public, only to registered independent bookstore owners/employees and the publishers and authors who are displaying their books. I met so many lovely bookstore folk from all over the Northwest - please do remember your nearby independent brick-and-mortar stores and go buy books from them! They work hard to build a collection their customers will love.

I'll keep the update to just that for today. But please do tell me what you're going to be for Halloween, if you celebrate it and if you feel like sharing. It's one of my favorite holidays, as you might guess from the rather large number of paranormal happenings in the books I write. Have a wonderful weekend!


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