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So... How 'bout them cute boys?

Thank you, one and all, for your thoughtful answers last night. And especially for the St. Patrick's Day kisses. (Cyberkisses are the most hygienic sort.) I don't have the stamina to go into any more politics today, so I'm not answering any of the responses, but I just wanted to say "thanks" since everyone was so civilized.

Back to our usual programming here, which is Pop Culture and Pretty Boys:

- If you still want to vote on your favorite albums, go ahead. I've got a long list of responses already, but will welcome more. Then maybe at the end of the week I'll announce results.

- Apparently Tobey Maguire, due to some back pain, might opt out of being Spider-man again in the sequel. If this happens, Jake Gyllenhaal is supposed to take his place. This would actually work: not only is it convenient, since Jake is dating Kirsten ("MJ") Dunst, but he looks like Tobey. Has that same sweet-geeky-cute thing going on. In fact, Tobey, Jake, and Elijah together form the very dangerous Axis of Angst (full name: Axis of Adorably Geeky Blue-Eyed Angst), and are therefore more or less interchangeable. Well, no...Elijah's too short to be Spidey, and the other two are too tall to be Frodo. But still. You see my point.

- lush_rimbaud has recently pointed out the hobbity quality of the Beatles (or is it the Beatleish quality of the hobbits?), which has got me thinking what fun a 'Hard Day's Night'/'LotR' crossover could be. Here was the example I gave her:

Pippin: Who's the li'tl old man?
Frodo: That's me uncle.
Merry: That's not your uncle.
Frodo: But it is, you know.
Merry: But I've seen your uncle; he lives in your house.

Would the girls chasing them at the beginning be Ringwraiths? Would someone ask the lads what they called that curly moptop hairdo of theirs, and would they answer "Arthur"? Most importantly, which hobbit is which Beatle? I think Frodo would clearly be Paul (being The Cute One and all), and for some reason Pippin is screaming out to be Ringo; but who's Sam: Lennon or Harrison? Personality-wise, I'd say Harrison...but, in attachment to Frodo/Paul, Lennon would make more sense...hmmm. (So is Rosie Yoko Ono? Haha...)

Anyways. I'm just avoiding finals-week duties; don't mind me.
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