It is a book and it is out!

Lava Red Feather Blue is available now!
Lava Red Feather Blue is available now!

Guess I should advertise my own book on my own blog, a little? 😀

So yes, Lava Red Feather Blue is available as of yesterday! The above graphic is from the wonderful KinzieThings blog, who ran a fabulous review of the book.

What is the book? Well: "Sleeping Beauty, but make it gay!"

Prince Larkin, born July 27, 1773; put into enchanted sleep December 22, 1799…accidentally awakened March 18, 2020.

It’s a quest, it’s a queer love story, it’s an adventure among fae and witches, and best of all, it’s an escape from your own country.

Order now wherever books are sold! But be a noblebright hero and order through an independent bookseller for best karma:

Reviewers are saying:
“One of the most enjoyable reads of 2020 for me!”
“Merrick and Larkin found their way into my heart immediately.”
“This book was something that I desperately needed in my life.”
“Freaking adorable.”

Whew. That's definitely enough talking about myself for one post. I better go geek out about some fandom thing. Meanwhile, here is a hedgehog in a tiny kayak, as a way of thanking you for reading this far:


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