Benign is a wonderful word

[TW: medical; cancer though ultimately not] Today I’d like to thank the absurd amounts of tea (green, black, and herbal) I drink every day, whose antioxidants have kept me safe another year. I bring this up because on Monday I had a breast biopsy, and have just learned the growth in question is benign—a common noncancerous lesion. All good for the time being. Whew.

I’ve been living under the shadow of this since the beginning of July. No, you don’t have to scroll back—you didn’t miss anything. I haven’t posted about it. Why so long, though? Well, I got my regular annual mammogram on July 1, and they told me the next day that they wanted another look at one spot. It wasn’t even something I could feel; just something they saw on the imaging. But the next available follow-up appointment wasn’t till early August.

So I got through July and went to the second exam, and this time the doctor said, “I’m about 98% confident it’s nothing to worry about, but we’ll have you come back in six months to look again. Or, if that 2% chance is going to bother you, we can biopsy it sooner.” I said yeah, it’ll bother me. So we scheduled the biopsy—another couple of weeks out.

The biopsy took place Monday, and now I have the results and can relax and go back to only worrying about, you know, EVERYTHING ELSE going on this year. ;)

I kept my social media light and fun and didn’t talk about it, because I preferred not to focus on it. But take this as a reminder that people don’t always post about what’s really going on in their lives. If you interacted with me during the past two months, and we talked about anything at all—writing, editing, current events, memes, fandom, what you’re up to these days—I just want to thank you. Even if I was debating with you about something (rare for me to do online lately, but it does happen now and then), you were helping take my mind off my health anxiety. Which I have in spades on any given day, so an actual freaking biopsy does not leave me precisely calm. Thank you for being there.

Now please, have some tea. And get your recommended health screenings. Because I care about you.


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