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April madness

Who here hasn't gone off the deep end lately? Raise your hands....come on... I should be seeing more hands than this...

I was going to drag out that old T.S. Eliot quote about April being the cruellest month (as it's one of the only bits of poetry I actually memorized), but at the moment cruel doesn't quite seem sufficient, or even accurate in all cases. Utter lunacy seems more like it. The world has been flipped upside-down, and I swear, I didn't do anything but sit here. It's everyone else who's gone batty.

First, there's the good kind of madness: my little sister is getting married! I approve of the guy, and he takes good care of her, so I'm happy for them. They're doing the courthouse wedding thing up in Oregon, in a couple weeks, on a Wednesday, so I can't even be there. She apologized for that. But, hey, I don't stand on ceremony all that much. And I've constantly said that I wished Steve and I had eloped to Vegas, which we really think would've been a pretty good idea, so I can't hold this against her. Now I've got to think of some cool thing to get them. What to get for the couple who has everything? Hm.

This means that, of the 4 of us, I was the one who got married at the oldest age. My two older sisters were 22 or 23 when they got married. I was 25, two months shy of 26. Peg will be 25 as well, but 8 months shy of 26. I also was the one who started dating at the youngest age, amazingly - I was a shy little nerd, but somehow got a boyfriend when I was not quite 14. So this means I had the longest reign of swingin'-unmarried-woman-hood of all four of us. Yay...or something. Heh.

Then there's the general nuttiness of the comments-from-nowhere that people sometimes leave on old LJ or blog entries. One person says he believes that the human race is on a course toward the destruction of all vertebrate life. Yeah. I'll just leave you to ponder that. Another person left a comment on the TTT parody which says "Unlike all those other people, I didn't think this was funny at all. Just spent five minutes staring at what was supposed to be humor, lol." And you decided to take the time to tell me this...why? And also, they "LOL" at their own comments but not at the parody? Well, at least I got 'em laughing somehow.

Freaks. The world is freaks.

On the flip side, then, I've gotten unexpected compliments from independent sources, all of which have rather surprised me. My favorite is still "glittering jewel of sanity" (yes, I know it's a twist on Rush Limbaugh's "glittering jewel of colossal ignorance," but that just makes it nicer - taking what was traditionally an insult and making it into a compliment)... though, technically, that person said I was a glittering jewel of sanity in comparison to others. Looking over my own recent experience with this crazy, crazy world, perhaps that isn't saying so much.
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