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The Redbook sex survey

The latest issue of Redbook (one of my sisters gave me a subscription) has this sex poll taken by a few thousand married couples. I have to admit some of the results surprise me.

The highlights:

Complete with my comments in brackets.

First, the questions for the women:

What kind of birth control do you use?
None: 32%
The pill: 27%
Other: 26%
Condoms: 12%
Rhythm method: 2.5%
Diaphragm: 0.5%
[Fully a third of married couples are using no contraception whatsoever? Golly. Granted, married couples are much likelier to be trying to conceive than unmarried couples are, but I still didn't think it was so high. Also, I'm sort of refreshed to see that only 27% are on the pill. I thought I was practically the only one in the world who wasn't on it. And some women – no offense to anyone in particular, but some women – turn into absolute psychos when they mess with their hormone levels like that, so I've sometimes doubted the wisdom of its popularity.]

How often do you reach orgasm during sex?
Half to three-quarters of the time: 43%
Every time: 34%
Rarely: 15%
Never: 8%
[Never? Is there a charity where I can send money to help these women?]

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Yes: 58%
No: 42%
[And they claim every women has faked it. Hah. See; there are lots of us honest girls out there.]

How often do you initiate sex?
Sometimes: 81%
Always: 11%
Never: 8%
[Let me guess...that 8% is the same 8% as the ones who never reach climax?]

How often do you masturbate?
A few times a month: 50%
Never: 28%
A few times a week: 16%
Almost daily: 6%
[*considers commenting; decides against*]

What's the sexiest part of a man's body?
Chest: 42%
Mouth: 24%
Butt: 24%
Penis: 10%
[What about hair? Come on! Nothing cuter than hair. I see the "mouth" thing, though...]

Do you ever fantasize about someone else while having sex with your partner?
No: 61% [Liars!]
Yes: 39% [Just the other day, I caught myself saying, "Mmm, Orlijah...I mean, uh..."]
[Kidding on that last one.]

Now the questions for the men:

What's the sexiest part of a woman's body?
Breasts: 35%
Butt: 35%
Mouth: 17%
Vagina: 13%
[The T&A contingent wipes out the competition in a landslide! Good thing, too. You have no idea how relieved I am that "legs" isn't on here, mine being short and kind of stubby. Breasts, though, I can deliver. *sassy snap-snap*)

What turns you on more?
A woman in sexy lingerie: 61%
A woman naked: 39%
[I've been told this before, actually, but it's nice to see it reflected in the stats.]

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
No: 72%
Yes: 28%
[*perplexed look* Uh, how the... never mind.]

How often do you masturbate?
A few times a month: 34%
A few times a week: 31%
Almost daily: 23%
Never: 12% [Cue Gilbert & Sullivan: "What, never?" "No, never!" "What, never?" "Well, hardly ev-er!"]

Which celebrity has the sexiest body?
Catherine Zeta-Jones: 29%
Halle Berry: 27%
Britney Spears: 21%
Angelina Jolie: 15%
Pamela Anderson: 8%
[The first 2, fine. The last 3: ew. Saline, Collagen, and Silicon; the three modern Graces. I mean, I know men like new technology, but isn't that going a little far?]

That was entertaining, but I need to move back to Seattle. The sex surveys published in The Stranger are way pervier.



Apr. 17th, 2003 06:28 am (UTC)
The questions are way loaded and, like most stuff in magazines, encourage everyone to keep coloring between the lines, as if that's really the story anyway. e.g., "How often do you initiate sex?" ... since you're a woman and we want to remind you that you might be a prude or a wanton slut.

Mouths are the sexiest. Though a half-tousled head of hair also goes a long way.
Apr. 17th, 2003 11:01 pm (UTC)
I used to be paranoid about the prude/slut dilemma, but in the last few years I've decided it would just be a lie to pretend I'm not a perv, so I've embraced that side of myself proudly. Granted, that doesn't make me a slut--I'd have to get out of this monogamous lifestyle for that label--but even if I got called one, I doubt I'd care too much. I'd just figure the person was jealous that I was getting more action than they were. ;)

However, it's easy to say that when you're in your mid-20s. Teenage girls do risk the "slut" label if they show any tendency toward pervy comments or flirtatiousness, even if they're stolid virgins in actual practice. Just one of the many reasons I don't miss high school very much...
Apr. 18th, 2003 02:02 pm (UTC)
"Teenage girls do risk the 'slut' label if they show any tendency toward pervy comments or flirtatiousness, even if they're stolid virgins in actual practice."

Haha...yes that is very true. As someone still walking through the high school halls of academia, I must say that I don't think I'll miss that side of high school very much either. Some things (good or bad) never change.
Apr. 19th, 2003 07:16 am (UTC)
If you've navigated the shoals of adolescence and emerged with No really meaning No and an unpretentious appreciation for melted chocolate, then you are in a treasured minority whose existence is vital to the well-being of our great nation.
Apr. 20th, 2003 04:45 pm (UTC)
Hee. Cool! I haven't had any problems with the interpretation of "No" so far, and I appreciate chocolate in any form, so there you go. :) (Well, except white chocolate, because that doesn't actually contain any chocolate, and thus is false and dishonest.)