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Book guys

Taking a break from studies: A fun idea for a post, stolen from kateelvellon. The question was: which men (or women, if you're into that) are the hottest in books or comics? I have no comics experience to speak of, so my answers for the book genre are...

Edward Fairfax Rochester
1. First sighting, for you: 'Jane Eyre.' I was probably 14 the first time I read it.
2. So, what's he look like?: All I remember clearly is that he's medium-height and of "athletic" build. Probably dark haired. About 40.
3. Hottest appearance in a story: A proposal on a summer night under a chestnut tree.
4. Why you love him?: He's witty, he's moody, he's sarcastic; he's almost bitchy, really.
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: Well of course. So is the new musical, which I just saw last weekend. It's all very Gothic and cool.
6. Hot or lovable?: Some of both, though neither seems quite right...

Marius Pontmercy:
1. First sighting, for you: 'Les Misérables.' I was, again, probably 14.
2. So, what's he look like?: Black curls, pale marble skin, perfect nose, luscious lips, dark eyes, skinny figure of the starving college student/revolutionary.
3. Hottest appearance in a story: Swapping smoldering glances with Cosette in Luxembourg Gardens. Or, perhaps, stalking her in her own garden.
4. Why you love him?: Despite being a French revolutionary (which ought to be really off-putting), he's got high moral standards, he's quiet, he works for his living (translating books, no less), and he has about a million incredibly sweet and romantic lines.
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: The unabridged version goes on a bit long, but yes, it's quite good.
6. Hot or lovable?: Both. But he's so chaste that "lovable" might be the best choice.

Will Ladislaw:
1. First sighting, for you: 'Middlemarch' (George Eliot). I was 24-ish.
2. So, what's he look like?: Similar to Marius, if I recall. English by nationality, but with "gypsy" blood. Mrrrow.
3. Hottest appearance in a story: Coming in out of the rain and taking shelter with Dorothea. Apparently his tendency to coincide with the rain was meant to make him seem a young fertility god in comparison with Dorothea's crusty old husband. It works.
4. Why you love him?: He writes, he reads, he's honest, he's so clearly The One for her.
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: Loved it. In fact, I doubt I will be listing any books here that I didn't love.
6. Hot or lovable?: Hot! I mean, you know, for a 19th-century British novel...

Francisco d'Anconia:
1. First sighting, for you: 'Atlas Shrugged.' First read when I was 21.
2. So, what's he look like?: Heh. Like Marius and Ladislaw, kinda. Exotic dark curls, broad shoulders, narrow waist, of some Hispanic variety of ancestry.
3. Hottest appearance in a story: Luring Dagny out of her train-station job into the woods on a summer morning when they were about 17.
4. Why you love him?: Like all the other Rand protagonists, he can speak brilliantly and intelligently, has all his moral values firmly in place, and is a millionaire by age 27 (actually, perhaps from birth in his case). But, unlike some Randians, he's also witty and likes to crack jokes and generally be mischievous and mysterious in a Hermes/Mercury kind of way. And we all know that Hermes/Mercury is one of the sexiest gods.
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: Yes, of course it was. Required reading for you all.
6. Hot or lovable? Hot, totally. (Sidenote: Hank Rearden, from this book, would come in a close second, since he has that appealing repressed/angsty thing going on; and John Galt third – he's a little TOO perfect for me.)

Romeo Montague:
1. First sighting, for you: 'Romeo & Juliet,' age 13, high school, freshman year.
2. So, what's he look like?: Not sure it ever says. But he's, what, 16 or so, and supposedly good-looking enough to inspire love at first sight. And he's presumably Italian, for what that's worth.
3. Hottest appearance in a story: How to choose? Balcony scene, sure, but that's obvious...
4. Why you love him?: Because he's *Romeo*.
5. Ah, but was the book any good?: If you don't mind iambic pentameter, then yes, it's great. Aside from the usual maddening Shakespearean-tragedy plot twists.
6. Hot or lovable?: Equal measures.

At this point you're asking yourself: What? No one from Lord of the Rings? Well –I love several of the characters; practically all of them, in fact. But I love them as an ensemble - I can't choose just one. (Though you know I'd pick Frodo if I had to choose.)

Also, there have been a few Thomas Hardy characters who captured my fancy for a short while, with their passion and agony and sweetness – see Angel Clare, from Tess of the d'Urbervilles, for one – but I always end up exasperated with them. Like all Thomas Hardy characters, they make the stupidest decisions.

Ooh, neat! Tornado warning for Sacramento County! Oh, never mind. It expired. "Funnel clouds possible but not expected to touch down." Hohum. Just as well, since we have neither a basement nor a room without windows.


May. 11th, 2003 10:55 am (UTC)
Hee; well, my birthday's in late August - near yours, if I recall. (22nd, for me.) I don't pretend I entirely understood the comic you posted a link to the other day, but the artwork and sense of movement was quite cool. And I could see developing minor crushes on some of the characters. :)

Yeah, Dickens has seemed like a chore to me, too, the few times I've tackled him. Maybe I'm just reading the wrong ones or something. But Great Expectations, which I finally finished in December, was just tedious to get through, even though it was a potentially interesting plot. *shrug* To each their own...
May. 11th, 2003 04:30 pm (UTC)
yeah the one I posted was a bit obscure if you don't know that they are a tribe of elves whose blood was long ago blended with the blood of wolves to allow them to survive the forest. They each have a bond wolf, and can go through tons of them in their life. Blah blah blah. But just the faces, the eyes, the way she expresses things in her art. And dude... Strongbow is hot. I love the fact that it's about him and there is practically no talking. He never likes to talk. It's hot ;)

Great Expectations was the first one I read. We had to back in frosh high school. I liked it once I was done with it. My mother loves Dickens... but like you said, to each their own!