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Neighborhood welcoming committee

*rubs hands together craftily*
*takes on a voice somewhere between Louis-the-vampire and Mr. Burns*

Excellent. I have given the dark gift to yet another. At this rate we shall take over the world by 2023.

Y'all remember my little story from last week about Astrid-who-I-kinda-sorta-dated-once, right? Well, she was so tickled at having a post dedicated to her, and so impressed at the mature and thoughtful commentary of yous-all, that I've successfully enticed her into setting up her own LJ. Everyone say "Hi, ellejohara!" Check her out and make friends, if you so wish. I mean, anyone who says I have the softest lips this side of the Mississippi must be pretty cool, right?

...Well, I think so, anyway.

Have I mentioned, incidentally, how cool the internet is? I dreamed of such a thing, when I was a child, and was faintly aware that it was possible from those farfetched '80s computer movies. (You know, like when Andrew McCarthy starts cyberchatting up Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, and then somehow makes his picture appear by tapping keys. Or when Matthew Broderick accidentally declares war on Russia by goofing around on the net.) It's just a godsend for us introverts: we can have a plethora of friends whose letters we get to read at our leisure, and who are technically silent and will go away with the click of a button. (Not that I want you guys to go away...) ;) And now I'm getting to keep track of former crushes from high school who I thought I might never see again. Sweet!
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