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Cassie will kill me if I try anything

How come cassieclaire hasn't done any more Secret Diaries for The Two Towers? It's nearly June. I begin to despair that they won't ever happen. Am v. disappointed. Hope she's okay and all that.

But if she's not going to do them, I will. Even though it would not be nearly as much fun for me or for everyone else.

In other LJ-ness, I did some editing on my list of interests, partly inspired by stuff on other people's interests. Can you believe I didn't have "reading," "hobbits," "slash," or "capitalism" listed till now? Where would I be without those things? Also, I added "non-doped libertarians," since raethe was the only one who had it listed before, and I think it really should be a more popular interest. "P.G. Wodehouse" is there too now, in tribute to his delightfulness. And "Futurama," as well, because that little show is starting to occupy a warm fuzzy place in my heart, though I don't really watch it often. (Favorite quote lately, from Leela, on the suggestion that if they have to kill overpopulating penguins for their own good, they might as well enjoy it a little: "If it's the least bit fun, then it's not environmentalism!")



May. 31st, 2003 01:06 pm (UTC)
I'd certainly like to see you do it. I enjoyed your parody a lot, so I think your take on the diaries would be fun, too. Though I suppose it won't be as much fun for you...
I mean, of course I would love it even more if Cassie returned. But it doesn't look like she is. So I'd say - go for it! You have my sword...
May. 31st, 2003 11:39 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks. :) I might just try it, then, if I can get past this feeling of being a plagiarist. Have some fun ideas for Faramir...